Meet The TERRAM Team: Adam Topliss

Adam Topliss - Terram Sales

Adam is living proof that TERRAM develops its people. Having joined in 2013, he’s had a variety of roles within our business.

How long have you been working at TERRAM?

“I have been working with TERRAM since January 2013, moving from a role as a stock controller from Wickes. I started at TERRAM as a fork lift truck driver, serving the machines on the shop floor, before progressing to stock controlling and goods in. I now work as a sales coordinator working with the distribution sales team.”

Can you explain a bit about what you do?

“I spend the majority of my days dealing with enquiries and tracking projects. I check various websites and keep contact with our customers for updates making 20-30 phone calls a day. I also support the sales representatives with anything they may need.”

You are in sales support - how do you maintain a high level of service?

“Keeping a high level of service is hugely important to the business. It shows our reliability as a company and expresses the great reputation we work so hard to have. I make sure this high level of service is maintained by regularly chasing colleagues and speaking to customers so they are constantly informed.”

Do you work as part of a team? 

“I do work within a team. We work closely together and are in regular communication with each other. This keeps us in tune and fully aware of everything that is going on.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“Working with a team that I can be proud to be part of.”

And the worst? 

“The worst thing is when a customer has an issue with our service. This is very rare, and I do my best to overcome this by making sure they know they can rely on me by doing everything I can to fix whatever issues they may have.”

What do you think TERRAM’s sales team does better than anyone else?

“I think it’s the level of trust our customers have with us. They know we support them when they need it.”

What’s your proudest moment with TERRAM?

“My transition from warehouse to sales; completely changing my career direction for the better.”

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