TERRAM Experiences Summer Surge For GrassProtecta

Terram GrassProtecta grass reinforcement mesh structure

The hot weather and outdoor occasions are contributing to a rise in demand for TERRAM’s GrassProtecta® range.

GrassProtecta® is a year-round solution that reinforces and provides protection for grass surfaces that are prone to damage when vehicles or pedestrians use them. GrassProtecta® products offer a stable temporary or permanent surface for parking and walking, and are used as a cost-effective solution for outdoor overflow car parks, and other areas such as golf courses, National Trust properties and landscape garden projects. 

GrassProtecta® is particularly popular over the summer months as music festival season gets underway, and community events, such as fetes, fairs and county shows take off and require overspill parking.

Rhauan Young, Distribution Sales Specialist at TERRAM, said: “We’re seeing a lot of interest in our GrassProtecta® range at the moment. GrassProtecta® offers an economical solution for overspill parking. It’s ideal for temporary events such as festivals but also works as a permanent parking solution. The interest we’re receiving is across our three ranges, and is growing as the weather heats up.”

TERRAM offers three mesh GrassProtecta® products – Lite, Medium and Heavy – which are all made from recycled and high quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE). A range of widths and lengths are available.

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For prices and more information, please email info@terram.com or call 01621 874 200.

Terram GrassProtecta grass reinforcement mesh structure

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