TRUCKPAVE Grass Paver for Heavy Vehicle Access

TRUCKPAVE Grass Paver for Heavy Vehicle Access

Permeable Grass Access Road

Dialstone Lane, Stockport

Client: Balfour Beatty
Project: Dialstone Lane, Stockport

A secant pile tank, 16m deep and 15m in diameter was constructed to resolve flooding at numerous residential properties in Stockport, Manchester. After a review of the surrounding area, project managers from Balfour Beatty identified a park as a suitable location to install the tank. A condition of the planning consent was the park needed to be returned to its original condition which meant no concrete hard standing around the tank. As heavy vehicles need to access the tank to aid maintenance operations a specialist product was required. Several products were considered before TERRAM Truckpave was selected as a cost-effective, robust and sustainable solution. Installed with a soil seed mix infill, the durability of Truckpave enables large trucks to drive over grassed areas without churning up any of the land. Balfour Beatty had previous experience of successfully using Truckpave on a number of projects and understood the importance of correct installation. Staff from TERRAM and Balfour Beatty worked together to produce a simple step-by-step process document and drawings to enable operatives to lay Truckpave within the parameters required and to ensure optimum performance would be achieved. Substantially lighter in weight than concrete alternatives – each TERRAM Truckpave block weighs only 9kgs – the installation was straight-forward and quick. Blocks measure 600 x 400 x 80 in size, which makes them easy to handle

Choosing TERRAM Truckpave is an environmentally friendly choice that offers additional benefits. It is manufactured from recycled plastic and is resistant to cracking, which is an advantage over concrete solutions. It also withstands rotation and displacement caused by heavy vehicle movements unlike honeycomb cell type plastic pavers.

Peter Gale, a senior design manager with Balfour Beatty, said, “TERRAM Truckpave provided an ideal cost-effective solution. 

Grass permeable paving for heavy vehicle access
plastic porous grass pavers
Permeable grass HGV access road

The light modular units are quick and easy install and can be handled by one person. He added, “There have been no problems post-installation and there has been excellent feedback from all involved. You wouldn’t even know the Truckpave was there now the seed has germinated; it will only get better over time”.

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