TRUCKPAVE Grass paver install in Liverpool

TRUCKPAVE Grass paver install in Liverpool

TRUCKPAVE Grass paver install in Liverpool

Application Function

Ground Stabilisation

Market Sectors

Highways | Grass and Ground

Client: Balfour Beatty
Project: St Matthew’s, Huyton, Liverpool

A detention tank was constructed to provide additional network storage to resolve flooding at local residential properties. There was no obvious location for the 15m diameter, 12m deep tank, but, following research and a site assessment, a local school playing field was determined to be the best option.

There was a slight issue though, as the field was needed for use all year round by pupils at the school, and because large vehicles would need to access the tank on a regular basis, there were concerns that this would lead to the grass being damaged meaning pupils would not be able to use the area.

The search then began for a cost effective, robust and sustainable solution that would enable the detention tank to maintained with no impact on the use of the playing field.

Several products were considered and dismissed before TERRAM’s Truckpave was selected as the solution. Using Truckpave with a soil/seed/grass infill enabled large trucks to drive over the field to access the tank without damaging the grass. At all other times the area would look exactly like a normal school playing field and could be used by pupils.

Pete Gale, senior design manager at Balfour Beatty, met with the sales team at TERRAM to establish a suitable design and installation method for the given site conditions. This collaborative approach gave the Balfour Beatty site team clear guidance for installation which increased efficiencies on site and reduced the construction duration.

The installation was simple and quick. Each paver weighs only 9kgs – substantially lighter than concrete alternatives and they are also compliant with HSE manual handling limits – so can be easily handled by one person. The pavers (600x400x80) were butted together and the series of cells in each unit created a void area of 55%, which was filled to ensure a grass finish.

Not only was TERRAM Truckpave easy to install but unlike honeycomb cell type plastic pavers, it resists rotation and displacement caused by heaving vehicle movements.

Peter Gale, senior design manager for Balfour Beatty, was very happy with the installation, commenting, “The school were very happy with the finish and we have had excellent feedback from United Utilities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Truckpave to others and look forward to using the cost-effective solution for other projects in the future.”

TERRAM Truckpave is the only environmentally friendly recycled plastic paver system that provides a permanently stable, robust and durable subbase with a sustainable drainage solution. It is flexible and resistant to cracking with high compressive strength and is capable of handling frequent heavy vehicle movements - up to 60 tonnes in gross weight and 10 tonne wheel loads.