Vehicle access road protecting tree roots (Kent)

Vehicle access road protecting tree roots (Kent)

Vehicle access road protecting tree roots (Kent)

Protecting tree roots


The access route to a new housing development required the construction of a roadway which crossed over an area where tree roots were close and at surface level. In order not to damage the roots, Geocell was specified with the dual purpose of offering a strong stable base for the access routes whilst protecting tree roots from damage.

Spread laterally reducing loads on the underlying soils. Without the cellular system, the surface would have become compacted and rutted with the forces pushing downwards damaging the tree roots and possibly killing the trees. Geocell was installed onto the level surface on top of a geotextile. The cells were filled with a type 1 road stone and compacted flat. A geotextile and binding layer were installed on top of the cells and the surface finished with small angular gravel.

Geocell cellular confinement system was used as it offered the perfect solution for tree root protection where a road or driveway is required whilst preventing soil compaction and protecting tree roots. Geocell cellular confinement system ensured that downward forces by vehicles are

The permeable cells allowed natural drainage and stopped compaction from vehicle tyres.

The cells confined the stone fill ensuring that any downward forces were spread laterally. Geocell ensured that the access road caused no damage to the tree roots.

Project: Vehicle access road
Client: RC Taylor
Location: Crouch, Kent
Product: TERRAM Geocell 22/20