Verge protection / parking using porous paving grids (Leigh on Sea)

Verge protection / parking using porous paving grids (Leigh on Sea)

Verge protection / parking

Leigh-on-Sea Railway Station

Project Rationale
Leigh-on-Sea railway station serves the coastal town of Leigh-on-Sea near Southend in Essex. Limited commuter/visitor parking caused congestion problems on the winding road to the station, which in turn caused considerable damage to the roadside verges in the form of rutting, subsequent water puddling and general unsightly land damage.

Remedial action was required as a matter of urgency, but due to the coastal nature of the area, a sympathetic solution was required, where land usage and damage would be minimised and drainage maximised, with as little disruption as possible to the maritime environment.

The Solution
Following on-site consultation, BodPave® 85 (Black) was specified as the best solution. New roadside verges were constructed and existing verges extended, to allow for dedicated off-road gravel parking for both cars and coaches.

BodPave® 85 offered the high load-bearing capacity, the retention of gravel to stop it spreading on to the roadways and the controlled drainage of water run-off – a critical issue in this environment. Construction of the 1,400m2  site was complete in less than 2 weeks. The site is now running as normal, with the congestion/parking and land damage problem eliminated.

Project Information
Client: Southend Borough Council
Location: Leigh-on-Sea Railway Station, Essex
Products: BodPave®85 (Black)
Application: Verge Protection/Parking (1,400m2)

Material100% recycled polyethylene
Colour optionsBlack, Green & Natural
Paver dimensions500mm x 500mm x 50mm + 35mm ground spike
Installed Paver size500mm x 500mm (4 grids per m2)
Nominal internal cell sizeCastellated 67mm Plaque & 46mm Round Shaped
Structure TypeRigid-walled, flexible semi-closed
cell combination
Cell wall thickness2.5mm – 4.4mm
Weight (Nominal)1.56 kg/paver - (6.24kg/m2)
Load bearing capacity (filled)< 400 tonnes/m2 *
Crush Resistance (unfilled)< 250 tonnes/m2 *
Basal support & Anti-ShearIntegral 35mm long Cross & T section ground spikes (18 per paver)
Open cell %
Top 92% / Base 75%
Connection typeOverlapping Edge Loop & Cell connection
Interlock MechanismIntegral self locking Snap-Fit Clips
Chemical resistanceExcellent
UV resistanceHigh
ToxicityNon Toxic