Filter separators

Filter separators

Geosynthetics play an increasingly important role in creating solutions to enhance the protection of our fragile environment. TERRAM geotextiles separate granular layers of stone in construction and civil engineering applications for railway permanent way, highways and roads, car parks and many other applications. Geotextiles are permeable to filter water, but stop particles from mixing with other layers.


Typical applications include:

• Permeable Pavements
• Wrapping Infiltration Structures
• Coastal Erosion Protection
• Scour Control
• Green Roofs
• Grass Paved Areas

Geotextiles make it possible to treat filtration and drainage as two entirely separate issues. Whatever the application a geotextile correctly specified according to its hydraulic properties will generate a filter zone preventing small particles passing through causing issues such as siltation.

Modern engineered geotextiles can go beyond simply filtering fines from the system. Within the TERRAM range there are geotextiles specifically developed to filter pollutants in the fluids passing through preventing them from entering the underlying soils and contaminating groundwater. In the right circumstances some of these pollutants can be degraded to safe elements by naturally occurring microbes.

It is the increasing knowledge of geotextile performance and the ability to manufacturer with greater accuracy that has led to the increasing use of TERRAM geotextiles in ever more complex drainage solutions.

Design Considerations
• Soil conditions
• Hydrology
• Hydrogeology
• Load conditions

TERRAM geotextile separate construction materials and filter water
TERRAM Geotextile drainage
TERRAM geotextile in railway applciations


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