Retaining Walls using Geocells

Retaining Walls using Geocells

Retaining Walls

TERRAM GEOCELL provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional earth retention structures as it eliminates the potential for cracking, spalling, splintering and corrosion commonly seen in concrete, steel and timber systems.

Typical Applications

• Steepened Embankments

• Dams and Flood Defence Bunds

• Retention Bunds

• Green Walls

• Culvert Head Walls

• Sound Barriers

TERRAM GEOCELL is supplied as flat packed panels which are opened to form the honeycomb-like structure. These are positioned and installed in horizontal layers to form a gravity wall or composite wall.

Composite Wall

TERRAM GEOCELL is installed in layers creating a totally confined facing wall that is directly connected to the backfill using a traditional earth reinforcement system. Typical reinforcement techniques such as geogrids, soil nails, rock bolts and helical anchors are suitable and when combined with TERRAM GEOCELL create a mechanically stabilised earth structure.

Gravity Wall

TERRAM GEOCELL is installed in layers creating horizontal terracing on the facia wall, capable of resisting internal loads and pressures to maintain structural integrity. In some circumstances TERRAM GEOCELL can be utilised to create a vegetated cover for the facia.

Product Details

TERRAM Geocell Wall 330 32/410.6 x 1.45320 x 500 dia10.43kg
TERRAM Geocell Wall 330 32/610.6 x 2.03320 x 500 dia14.26kg
TERRAM Geocell Wall 330 32/810.6 x 2.61320 x 500 dia18.09kg
TERRAM Geocell Wall 330 32/1010.6 x 3.19320 x 500 dia21.92kg

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