Hydrotex Rail Geosynthetic

Hydrotex Rail Geosynthetic


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Filter separators

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TERRAM Hydrotex provides a permanent way solution for trackbed stability that not only acts as a filter/separator for fine soils, but also removes the requirement for a sand blanket. 

TERRAM Hydrotex nonwoven composite consists of a central filter media thermally bonded to two opposing needle-punched nonwovens (robust filters) to create a geocomposite with sufficient strength and protection to be durable to the abrasion and point loading of ballast.

The traditional use of a sand blanket in railway trackbed uses a sub-ballast and/or a graded-sand layer to prevent the upward movement of fine sub-grade particles, while allowing effective drainage and dissipation of pore water pressure. TERRAM Hyrdotex offers this solution in one geocomposite.

TERRAM Hydrotex is strong but flexible allowing the composite to conform to the excavated formation, so that no voids exist below the filter media for the development of pockets of slurry resulting in an unstable trackbed.


  • Prevents upwards particle passage smaller than 0.002mm
  • Permeable filter, allowing upward and downward water transmission
  • Replaces the requirement for a sand blanket
  • Quickly and easily installed, no specialist plant is required
  • Functions under ballast without any reduction in performance
  • Approved by Network Rail 
  • Residual slurry becomes desiccated as any pore water is dissipated 
  • Network Rail "Product Accepted" - PA05/05451

Environmental Benefits:

TERRAM Hydrotex composite reduces the depth of excavation that would be required with a sand blanket. The result is a decrease in the amount of spoil being taken away for landfill and a reduction of vehicles required to deliver materials.

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Product Details

Roll Size (m)Area m²
1.95 x 2548.751600370057/100408
3.5  x 2587.51565420057/100403
3.7 x 2592.51565280057/100402
3.9 x 2597.51548450057/100401
3.9 x 501951548760057/100405

TERRAM PW2 and Hydrotex geotextiles support rail tracks and ballast and have been installed for track renewals at Eccles Yard, Doncaster


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