GrassCarpet grass protection

GrassCarpet grass protection


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Grass and Ground

GrassCarpet™ temporary grass protection matting incorporates our heavy duty grass protection mesh, bonded to a strong non woven needle-punched geotextile. GrassCarpet™ can be used to provide two functions for the temporary protection and access requirements on grassed surfaces particularly in wet and muddy conditions:

With the mesh laid on the ground with the geotextile upwards, GrassCarpet™ provides a clean, stable and safe surface for pedestrians, whilst protecting the grass from damage. Ideal for outdoor event pathways, wedding access paths and for marquee flooring.

With the geotextile laid on the ground with the mesh upwards, GrassCarpet™ provides additional reinforcement to the grass surface and further resistance to deformation. Applications include temporary vehicle access routes and grass tracks.

GrassCarpet™ grass protection system is manufactured from HDPE and incorporates a blowing agent to increase its slip resistant properties. The protection mesh is flame bonded to a polypropylene needle-punched non-woven geotextile and is UV stabilised, rot proof and chemically inert.

Temporary reinforcement solution for wet muddy ground required for access, parking and grass tracks

• Ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions and concerts
• Ideal for marquee paths and flooring
• Temporary car parks and wheelchair access routes
• Temporary pedestrian and vehicle access routes
• Re-useable over and over again
• Quick to install, quick to remove

SizeMesh ApertureColourMaterial (Carpet)Material (Mesh)WeightPart No.
2mx20mOscillatedBlack/GreenPolypropyleneHDPE (part recycled)2.4kg/m²052097

Fixing Pins and Pegs

Steel U-Pins or plastic pegs should be used to secure TurfProtecta® to the ground. Please download the design specification for details on the recommended amount of pins per roll.

ProductMaterialSizeOuterPart Number
U-PinsSteel170mm x 70mm x 6mm dia.50 pack041824
Black PegsPlastic140mm long100 pack060351


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