TRUCKPAVE porous pavers

TRUCKPAVE porous pavers

Truckpave heavy load-bearing porous pavers

Application Function

Ground Stabilisation | Drainage

Market Sectors

Highways | Grass and Ground

TRUCKPAVE permeable paving grids are for permanent grassed or gravel HGV access roads, HGV yards, fire access routes, coach parks and car parks where a structurally-sound, well drained base is to be installed.

Manufactured from recycled plastics, TRUCKPAVE cellular paving is robust, durable and capable of withstanding all levels of traffic up to and including coaches, dustcarts and HGVs.

TRUCKPAVE’s cells can be filled with either grass seed/topsoil or gravel, making them suitable for stabilising areas where a grass or stone surface is desirable. TRUCKPAVE pavers are the economic, environmentally-friendly and a lightweight alternative to concrete grass pavers.

Applications include:

  • Lorry, coach and car parks
  • Emergency fire access roads
  • HGV service access roads
  • Road widening
  • Grass verges, including where HGV overrun occurs
  • Footpaths
  • Service yards and other areas where forklift trucks operate
  • Hardstandings for cranes and site equipment 
  • Lay-bys
  • Loading areas


  • TRUCKPAVE units are less than 50% weight of concrete alternatives substantially reducing manual handling risk.
  • TRUCKPAVE has tongue and groove interlock- additional stability.
  • Meets SLW60 load category- vehicles up to 60t gross weight, 10t wheel load.
  • Flexible and resistant to cracking unlike concrete alternatives
  • Low permeability of the cell walls ensure soil fill remains hydrated with better grass growth.
  • Non- toxic and inert material harmless to plants and animals.
  • Manufactured from recycled mixed polymers- very low carbon footprint.
  • Load bearing capacity up to 1500 tonnes/sqm- will cope with axle load up to 200 kN.
  • Manufactured from recycled plastics


TRUCKPAVE pavers should be installed onto a well-prepared, free-draining, firm and relatively-level stone sub-base (a reduced-fines Type 3 for example). The sub-base can be mechanically stabilised using either a Terram Geocell or TERRAM TX160 Geogrid allowing a reduction in the overall thickness of the sub-base depth. The sub-base is overlaid with a Terram T1000 separation Geotextile and a bedding layer of coarse sand or grit.

Once laid, the paver cells can be filled with a free-draining angular tone (e.g. 10mm gravel) or a good quality friable top soil and grass seed at 30/40 g/m2. Excess topsoil or stone should be removed from the surface, ensuring the cells are not overfilled.

The topsoil settlement that will occur within the paver cells is desirable as this will allow grass growth without direct impact from traffic.

Perimeter pavers should be restrained using pinned timber sleepers or precast kerbs allowing for an expansion joint. The pavers can be cut with a hand saw or power cutter for fitting around obstructions. The whole area should be compacted with either a plate vibrator or a small roller compactor.

For large TRUCKPAVE installations with full edge restraint to all sides it may be advisable to allow for expansion due to fluctuations in temperature. Please contact our technical sales team for advice on this or any other issues relating to design and installation of the pavers.

For full Installation and Design notes please download our:

Product Specification :

ProductDimensions (mm)
(w x l x d)
Weight (kg)Units/m2Units/palletColourPart No.
TRUCKPAVE 80600 X 400 X 8094.1780 No (19.18/m2)Grey143412

*Other grades are available on request. Please contact us for further information

Projects using TRUCKPAVE permeable plastic paving system:

TRUCKPAVE heavy-duty plastic pavers allow a natural grass surface while supporting HGV's, trucks, buses and coaches

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