Rail Trackbed Geosynthetics

Rail Trackbed Geosynthetics

TERRAM manufacture innovative geosynthetic solutions for permanent way applications where loss of rail track alignment caused by subgrade erosion leads to costly maintenance and the complication caused by having to plan and temporarily close the track for its renewal. TERRAM’s PW range of geosynthetics perform up to four functions when used in trackbed construction:

  • SEPARATION to maintain the integrity of adjacent soil types i.e. prevent intermixing.
  • FILTRATION to prevent leaching of soil particles.
  • DRAINAGE to allow the free passage of water.
  • REINFORCEMENT to provide additional strength.

TERRAM PW1 Geotextile separator was installed to prevent intermixing between the sand blanket and new ballast on track renewals at Standedge Rail Tunnel.

TERRAM PW2 and Hydrotex geotextiles support rail tracks and ballast and have been installed for track renewals at Eccles Yard, Doncaster

TERRAM PW1 geotextile installed at Scunthorpe Station to strengthen track bed quality and reduce further maintenance costs


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PW1 - Standedge Tunnel Track Support
PW1 Geotextitle for Scunthorpe Station
PW2 & Hydrotex - Network Rail Eccles Yard