PW4-LA Reinforced Trackbed Separator

PW4-LA Reinforced Trackbed Separator

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TERRAM PW4-LA is a reinforced trackbed separator designed where the sub-grade is weak, ie. soft and boggy conditions.

TERRAM PW4-LA is a composite formed from TERRAM PW1 and Tensar SSLA30 geogrid. Tensar SSLA30 improves track life and performance by stiffening ballast laid over weak ground. The advantage of TERRAM PW4-LA is the speed at which a geotextile filter and grid reinforcement can be laid in a single pass with the beneficial effect on construction costs.


  • Suitable for weak sub-grade soils (soft & boggy conditions)
  • Helps to improve track life by stiffening ballast laid over weak ground
  • The structure and composition of PW4 provides a long term mechanical performance and chemical resistance, even when used in very aggressive conditions.
  • Improves the load bearing capacity of soil when placed at the base of ballast, constraining the aggregate by laterally confining it, providing the necessary support.
  • Manufactured using large aperture bi-axially orientated geogrid developed specifically for railway applications and use under ballast. PW4-LA provides the ideal dimensional characteristics for the effective interlocking of ballast within the geogrid apertures.
  • Network Rail approved
  • Network Rail "Product Accepted" - PA05/04556

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Roll Size (m)Area m²
1.9 x 2547.51579830057/100644
3.8  x 25951534350057/100779


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