Ground separation lining for access road & apron

Ground separation lining for access road & apron

Access Road Separation Lining and Stabilisation

TERRAM T1000 geotextile separator

Project: Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Client: Private Homeowner
Main Contractor: Timbertech Homes Ltd 
Distributor: Chadwicks Ireland. part of Grafton Group plc
Product: TERRAM™ T1000 geotextile  


Timbertech Homes was established in February 2003 by brothers Fergal and Kieran O’Malley. Based in County Meath, Ireland, it specialises in the design, specification and build of Super Low Energy Homes using the highest quality materials. Timbertech personnel have been using TERRAM products for 20 years, both in the current company and with previous companies. 

Application Function

Rural residential one-off dwellings. TERRAM T1000 geotextile is fitted under all approach loose, broken rock driveways and aprons of the dwelling and garage. Timbertech uses TERRAM for its quality, fit for purpose, certifications, DOP available, competitive pricing, availability, reliability, and the fact it is tried and tested. TERRAM T1000 geotextile saves on rock fill disappearing into the ground and thus saves money.


One off bespoke dwelling located in the heart of Co. Kildare near Ballymore-Eustace and Punchestown Racecource. Fergal said: “T1000 geotextile was not specified on the project but, we, as a rule, use it on all our projects as it regularises the distribution of the broken fill on the high traffic areas, prevents loss of broken rock to the existing ground and prevents the existing ground infiltrating the imported broken rock and thus inhibiting free drainage.”


TERRAM T1000 geotextile acts as a separating membrane between existing ground and imported broken rock preventing the imported broken rock from infiltration of existing soils. It evenly distributes the load from heavy duty, high load, vehicular traffic.  


Good underfoot conditions, high load capacity driveways both for the construction phase and the final habitable phase of the building, without the need for constantly topping up with more imported broken rock thus saving money in the long term. 

Fergal O’Malley said: We use TERRAM T1000 geotextile under broken rock on all our driveways and apron approaches to our high-spec one-off dwellings due to its cost benefit; it saves money, it’s a competitive price, its availability and consistency of fabrication - quality guaranteed every time. It hasn’t failed us yet.

For more information on road and driveway projects undertaken by Timbertech Homes, or if you require a proven contractor for an upcoming project in Ireland contact Timbertech Homes today.

Terram supplied by Chadwicks Ireland
Terram is available in Ireland via the Grafton Group
Completed stabilised access roadCompleted stabilised access road
T1000 geotextiles separates the road stone from the soil sub-grade beneathT1000 geotextiles separates the road stone from the soil sub-grade beneath
Access road stone being laid over the T1000 geotextileAccess road stone being laid over the T1000 geotextile
Completed access road and apronsCompleted access road and aprons

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