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New Bodpave™ 40 Recycled Plastic Pavers for Faster Installation and Increased Strength

18 January 2022

New & Improved Bodpave™ 40 Recycled Plastic Pavers for Faster Installation and Increased Strength

Bodpave™ 40, the new and improved interlocking porous paving system from Terram, gives landscaping professionals and civil engineers the opportunity to use 100% recycled plastics in grass and ground reinforcement applications, offering a low impact solution that forms part of the circular economy.

Ideal for grassed or gravel areas where there is regular pedestrian or vehicle use, Bodpave™ 40 also brings faster installation and increased strength.  As such, it provides a natural and discrete alternative to traditional solutions which might require costly and unnecessary landscaping.

Geosynthetics specialist Terram, a brand of Berry, has invested in a new and improved design that incorporates four pre-clipped pavers, to reduce installation time by 25%, while improving the connection strength by 250%. Users simply push 24 snap fit connections together and position via 16 ground spikes, to cover one-quarter square metre per paver. The faster installation time can help to reduce labour costs (typically by around £2,000 for a 6,000m2 project) and the system does not require an installation permit.

The precise connectivity and rigid cell structure provide compressive strength up to 250 tonnes per square metre.  With efficient transfer of loads between pavers, Bodpave™ 40 does not lift easily and therefore delivers a longer service life, to significantly reduce maintenance on-site.

The pavers are manufactured from recycled pellets supplied by sister company Berry Plasgran, to support the transition to a circular economy. Based on a 6,000m2 project, this can deliver a 50% reduction in the CO2 footprint.

Typical applications include parking areas and overflow car parks, pedestrian and cycle paths, caravan parks, golf walkways and emergency access routes.

As the technology is porous, it also works effectively as part of a SuDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution) system.  Natural surface drainage has been proven to have a significant effect in reducing surface run off and surges in drainage systems

Bodpave™ 40 provides a quick and cost-effective solution to maintain natural drainage and deliver long-term ground stability,” comments Peter Stevens, Application Development Manager of Terram.  “We’re pleased to be able to bring benefits of faster installation time and improved strength in a 100% recycled product.”