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New & Improved Bodpave™ 40

New Bodpave™ 40 porous paving system for grass and ground reinforcement

Discover the improved patented design modelled on Bodpave™ 85 & manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. The new Bodpave™ 40 improved design helps reduce installation time by 25%, and +250% stronger connections.

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Bodgrid Geocomposite - Available Now

New Bodgrid geocomposite designed to use with Terram porous paving systems

One layer of Bodgrid™ substitutes the need for separate geotextile & geogrid layers, reducing installation time/costs by 50%.

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Geosynthetics you can trust

A leading supplier of innovative and cost-effective geosynthetic solutions

Highly specified solutions for the Geosynthetics Industry.

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We provide you with all the industry insights. Our free technical seminars will inform you about everything you want to knowOur geosynthetics experts can offer face-to-face or web seminars whenever it’s most convenient for you.   

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At TERRAM we are committed to protect the environment with engaged partners and optimised, eco-friendly products to minimise the environmental impact of construction. 

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Our Projects

With our 50+ years of experience in the geosynthetics industry, we have acquired immense knowledge through all the projects we’ve participated in. We continue to stay close to the market and customers to understand the evolving industry and its needs, so we can keep developing, and delivering trustworthy geosynthetic solutions.  

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A Global Brand - Berry

TERRAM: over 50 years leading the industry

In 1969, we patented the first-ever geosynthetic system, and since we have become the most trusted brand in the industry.

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Over 290 locations worldwide

At Berry, our goal is to meet and exceed the demands of our customers around the globe. Our ever-expanding footprint allows us to work with you both near and far.

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50,000 + qualified employees

Our team comprises world-class experts in various fields, allowing us to leverage and expand our knowledge

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Growing while minimising our environmental footprint

Through community partnership, education, and responsible environmental practices, we strive to ensure a better future for our environment.

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