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Creating a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations

Our Commitment

Continuously engaged partners, and optimised, eco-friendly products

Impact 2025

In 2019, we were proud to announce our sustainability strategy through our company initiative named Impact 2025

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Sustainable Products & Services

Sustainability is an essential design principle in new product development, promoting lightweight, recyclable, and recycled products.

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Waste Reduction

We set the goal of reducing our waste impact by 10% in 2020 through a regional waste reduction program that promotes internal initiatives and ideas to diminish production waste, so we can build a more sustainable future.


Products designed for sustainability, manufactured in the UK

As part of Berry Global, materials are at the heart of every product we manufacture. Our sustainability strategy, Impact 2025, highlights efforts in many areas, such as encouraging the creation of lightweight products that reduce transport emissions, or increasing the recyclability and use of recycled materials of our new and existing products. 

At TERRAM, our products are engineered to meet the highest quality standards and durability, extending their design life to reduce the environmental impact. Our products contain up to 100% recycled materials and are mostly manufactured at our production facility in Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom 

Our Mission

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What matters to us

Protecting what’s important

At Berry, we believe you cannot have a conversation about sustainability without including the benefits of plastic. Plastics have improved virtually every aspect of how we live–from everyday safety and convenience to advanced technology. Plastics also offer a pathway to improving sustainability by lowering a product’s carbon footprint and increasing its recyclability. 

We are committed to protect the environment with engaged partners and optimised, eco-friendly products. We want to ensure we make a positive impact in the world with sustainable, recycled and lightweight solutions that minimise the environmental impact of construction.  

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It takes 82% less energy to produce, process, and transport plastic than alternatives.


Using plastic generates 2.6 times less greenhouse gas emissions than alternative materials like metal.

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Reprocessing over 135,000 tons of waste