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Technical Talks

Free Technical Seminars Delivered at your Office

Choose from our free and informative seminars to build your knowledge, and gain insight into the benefits and uses of geosynthetic solutions for numerous applications. All are held in your office at a time of your convenience.

Expertise second to none

Gain insight into the benefits and uses of geosynthetics from the UK leader in geosynthetic solutions.

Sharing our industry knowledge

TERRAM is the UK leader in geosynthetic solutions. We’ve created these seminars to share our industry knowledge and help you get an understanding of the benefits and applications of geosynthetics, to ultimately helyou with your projects.

Free, tailored and CPD certified

Seminars are free, include lunch and can be tailored to your specific requirements. CPD certificates will be provided for all attendees. 

Now in webinar format in your preferred online platform

Geosynthetic Rail Solutions

  • Track Construction Overview 
  • PW Geosynthetic Solutions 
  • Cost, Time and Environmental Benefits 
  • Case Studies 
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geosynthetics for railways

Sustainable Drainage Solutions

  • SUDS and Porous Pavement concept 
  • Water Storage & Quality 
  • Permeable Pavements and GR solutions 
  • Geocell no dig Tree Root Protection (TRP) 
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Environmental Benefits of Geosynthetics

  • Why do we need Sustainable Development? 
  • What are Geosynthetics? 
  • Case Studies
  • Environmental and Cost Benefits of Geosynthetics
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Guide to Specifying the Right Geotextile

  • What is a Geotextile?
  • What does a Geotextile do?
  • Woven vs Nonwoven
  • Important Properties
  • Introduction to BS8661:2019
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Terram Technical Talks?

TERRAM Technical Talks are CPD seminars primarily for designers/specifiers such as architects or engineers held at their offices at a time of their convenience. The seminars help gain insight into the geosynthetic industry, the uses and benefits of geosynthetics.  

What is the duration of the Technical Talks seminars?

45 min with 10 mins for questions & answers.  

Do you provide lunch at the seminars?

Yes, TERRAM will reimburse the cost for a light buffet style lunch.  

Do you provide CPD certificates at the seminars?

Yes, CPD certificates are issued in pdf format via email to all those who attend.  

Are Terram seminars available worldwide?

They are currently only available in the UK, although they are available in their webinar format worldwide.

Are the seminars available in webinar format?

Yes, recently TERRAM has been offering the seminars in webinar format, imparted online in your platform of preference.

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