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TERRAM participates in the new Ch4 series: Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country.

16 August 2020

This past January we had the pleasure of participating in the new Ch4 series: Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country. The series, launching in autumn 2020, will document the move of the property expert and her family from London, to Somerset, where they will be building a new family home to start their life in the country.  

“The family has bought a semi-derelict former dairy farm in Somerset where, surrounded by 220 acres of farmland, they’re planning on building the house of their dreams; a modern, carbon neutral mini stately home” says Channel 4. 

“For anyone who’s ever dreamed of leaving the city for a new life in the country or contemplating a new build themselves, this series provides an entertaining and inspiring account of what the reality is like” adds Laura Mansfield, MD of Outline Productions. 

The choice of using TERRAM followed the environmental premises of the overall project, as Sarah and her family are building a traditional house from ICF that will be carbon neutral and environmentally cautious to build and run. 

Our help was required since the house is being built in a field where rain and access are main factors to consider.

Sarah Beeny used 15 rolls of TERRAM 1000, a significant contribution for the success of the project.

By laying those and then the hardcore sourced from the site, we prevented the hardcore from mixing with the mud. That means there was no need for bringing more hardcore from off site, which would have caused a greater environmental and economic impact. Using TERRAM, they reduced the carbon footprint, by not having to spend more money on layering up the access with more hardcore and using more trucks to transport it.   

To help Sarah, one of our technical sales managers was present during the build to assist them with the application of TERRAM 1000 and ensure the best results for the project.

We were very happy to help Sarah overcome the challenges of the project and be a part of this new chapter in her life. Click here to see Sarah’s Instagram post about it, and follow her updates on the project and her new life in the country.  We are looking forward to the release of the series!