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Turf reinforcement mesh for grass reinforcement and protection where occasional light vehicle or pedestrian use is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pins do I need for GrassProtecta™, GrassCarpet™ and TurfProtecta™?

There are 50No. pins in a bag. A single roll (2m x 20m) will require a minimum 4 bags (200 pins). Installations of 2 or more rolls will require a minimum of 3 bags (150 pins) per roll plus 1 extra bag. 

What type of grass mesh (GrassProtecta™ or TurfProtecta™) do I need?

Turfprotecta is a light mesh designed for pedestrian and very occasional light vehicle traffic, the Grassprotecta mesh range is designed for all types off traffic from pedestrian to heavy vehicles. Please see the product selector and SDI guide for more details.