Scunthorpe Station Track Bed Support - PW1

Scunthorpe Station Track Bed Support - PW1

Scunthorpe Station Trackbed Support

TERRAM PW1 Geotextile

Client: Network Rail
Project: Scunthorpe Railway Station, North Lincolnshire
Product(s): TERRAM PW1


As with all Network Rail development projects, before any work took place on the full renewal of the platform at Scunthorpe station, a full Track Bed Investigation report (TBI), that makes recommendations in order to improve the safety and strength of the site after renewal, was required. TBI report revealed that the ground required support in order to improve its strength. The site also needed a product that would prevent the intermixing between the sand blanket and the new ballast layer that was being formed. To correct this problem, the TBI specified that a geogrid and a geotextile should be installed. The solution came by using the TERRAM PW1 trackbed separator, due to its ability to provide the solution for both issues in one product.


The TERRAM PW1 geosynthetic prevents the loss of rail track alignment caused by sub-grade erosion, avoiding the need for costly maintenance, alongside complications caused by having to plan and temporarily close the track for renewal. Whilst being a cost effective solution PW1 delivers market leading quality and performance.


Discussing the Scunthorpe renewal, Ben Brown, Application and Sales Engineer for rail at TERRAM, commented, “A geosynthetic product will usually be specified by the TBI if a site requires improved filtration or strengthening. The Scunthorpe station renewal project did provide some complications, the main one being the platform capacity constraints. However, the TERRAM solution supplied was a reduced width, which both negated the issue and made it easy to install. If TERRAM PW1 hadn’t been installed it almost certainly would have led to reduced track quality and ultimately further maintenance costs in the long-term.”

Network Rail is responsible for managing, maintaining and developing train and freight rail infrastructures across the UK. To assist Network Rail’s day-to-day maintenance of tracks, stations, signalling, bridges, tunnels and level crossings the organisation works with TERRAM.

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Scunthorpe Station Rail Lines ©Photo: Colin Babb*Scunthorpe Station Rail Lines ©Photo: Colin Babb*
Scunthorpe Station © Photo: Colin Babb*Scunthorpe Station © Photo: Colin Babb*
TERRAM PW1 Filter Separator rail geotextileTERRAM PW1 Filter Separator rail geotextile
Scunthorpe Station Train on tracks © Photo: www.davesrailpics.bravehost.comScunthorpe Station Train on tracks © Photo:

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