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Heavy duty grass reinforcement mesh for reinforcing and protecting grassed surfaces prone to wear from human and vehicle traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can GrassProtecta™ be used for heavy good vehicles?

Yes, very occasional HGV parking up to 8t per static axle load on firm to stiff ground. 

What is the temperature range for GrassProtecta™ installations?

6 to 25 degrees centigrade. 

How does temperature affect GrassProtecta™?

Grassprotecta expands in hot weather and contracts in cold weather. Leave a gap of 1cm between rolls when installing in cold (<10 deg centigrade) weather conditions. 

Can I lay turf over the top of the GrassProtecta™?

No, you can lay turf beforehand or use grass seed once Grassprotecta is installed. 

Can I use a lawn mower to cut the grass once GrassProtecta™ is installed?

Yes, you can.