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BODPAVE™ 40 – Grass-filled porous paver for car parking (Nottingham)

Image of Bodpave 40 product by Terram being used as a grass-filled porous paver for car parking in Nottingham



Grass car park extension (1300m2)


Wollaton, Nottingham




Go Mow Garden Maintenance


BodPave™40 porous paving grids


BodPave™ 40

Application Function


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Civil Engineering & Building (Car Park)

Product Solutions

Additional car parking spaces were required at the clients’ premises in Wollaton, Nottingham. The planned location was an existing grassed area adjacent to their current full to capacity car park. The client required a reinforcement surface that kept the natural grassed finish and allowed full water penetration in-line with Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) requirements and that was capable of withstanding everyday vehicular traffic.

BodPave™40 was specified due to it’s open cell structure, high load bearing capacity, ease of installation and economical price.  It offered a reinforcement surface capable of withstanding everyday car and van traffic whilst allowing rainwater to penetrate through into the natural sub-grade soil below.

Installation took place in September 2008 and the car park was in use by December 2008 on a daily basis for regular car and van
traffic. The open cell structure of BodPave™40 allowed full water infiltration and ensured that the grass roots could spread from cell
to cell creating a strong reinforced healthy grassed surface.

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