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BODPAVE™ 40 – Porous paver for vehicle access routes (Twycross Zoo)

bodpave 40 used under the gravel car park at Twycross zoo



Coach Parking and Vehicle Access Routes (6720m2)


Twycross, Atherstone


Twycross Zoo


Link Associates


BodPave™ 40 (Green)


BodPave™ 40

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Civil Engineering & Building (Car Park)

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With over 450,000 visitors per year, the popular Twycross Zoo relocated their existing visitor car & coach parking facilities so as to build a new visitor centre development. These new car & coach parks and their access roads were required before commencement of the new development to ensure that zoo remained open throughout.

6720m2 of BodPave™ 40 were specified for the heavier more regular car, coach and vehicle access routes through the park with variations on grass & gravel surfacing as dependent on application. BodPave™ 40 grids are designed to withstand very high loads including regular coach traffic and allow the surface to look natural (grass) whilst providing a strong reinforced surface that will not deform

BodPave™ 40 was used in conjunction with GrassProtecta™, which was specified for the reinforcement of the car parking areas. Read here the Twycross Zoo case study using GrassProtecta™ .

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