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GEOCELL & T1000 – Tree-root protection on new access roads (Achnagairn House)



Tree-root protection on new access roads


Achnagairn House


Achnagairn House, Scotland


Frederick Geddes Architect


Geocell 25/15 & T1000 Standard Geotextile


Geocell 25/15 & T1000 Standard Geotextile

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Ground Stabilisation

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For the owners of Achnagairn, not only was it crucial that the driveway restoration didn’t impact the surrounding trees, it was also extremely important that the drive itself blended into the natural surroundings, enhanced the already stunning lands cape and contributed to a sustainable environment for the neighbouring woodland.

Construction began with the driveway area being cleared and the existing surface removed, with great care taken not to cause soil compaction around the existing tree roots. A layer of TERRAM 1000 Standard Geotextile, a permeable geotextile, was laid over the area to prevent any of the new surface fill material from penetrating into the soil.

The TERRAM Geocell was then pegged out on top of the fabric, and the cells filled with a permeable aggregate. A permeable wearing course of gravel was than placed on top of the Geocell base, resulting in an extremely hardwearing and yet natural and elegant-looking drive that truly complemented the hotel’s setting. TERRAM Geocell cellular confinement system has proven itself as the #1 geotextile solution for providing ground reinforcement within tree protection areas.

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