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GEOCELL – No-dig driveway for tree-root protection (St. Albans)

Bodcell tree protection system by Terram



No-dig driveway for tree-root protection


St Albans


Essex Arb


TERRAMâ„¢ Geocell 25/10



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Civil Engineering & Building

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The conversion of a grass lawn into a driveway suitable for parking a car was required in an area where a tree preservation order was in place. In order not to damage the roots, planning requirements stipulated that a no-dig solution should be used. A TERRAM Geocell was specified as it would provide a stable, no-dig solution for a new parking area whilst protecting the tree roots from damage, and yet still allow drainage – unlike with concrete and asphalt.

A TERRAM Geocell confines the infill so that trafficking forces are spread laterally thus reducing the pressure on the underlying soil. Without the cellular system, the surface would be subject to deformation and this would inevitably result in damage to tree roots; possibly killing the trees.

The parking area was constructed on top of the existing ground within kerbs. A Geotextile was first laid, followed by Geocell which was fixed in place and then filled with a free-draining, medium-sized, angular, granite stone. The geotextile will ensure that there is no intermixing of the stone and the underlying soil.

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