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BODPAVE™ 85 – Gravel filled paver access route for pedestrians and cyclists (Blackpool)



Path stabilisation over marshland




Blackpool Council


BodPave™ 85 Black

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A rural marshland field was being used for frequent foot traffic and cycle access between a housing development, surrounding
schools, colleges, the local train station and the Blackpool Tower area. The intensive usage of this route caused the area to become
compacted, rutted and waterlogged in most seasons. Not only was the area becoming unsightly, it was also becoming unsafe to use.

BodPave™ 85 was specfied as the ideal solution for a new footpath and custom cycle route. Not only was BodPave™ 85 deemed as an environmentally responsible choice due to its 100% recycled content, the product would also facilitate a quick and clean install offering all of the necessary water permeability properties required for this particularly waterlogged site. The tyre gripping castellated finish of BodPave™ 85 was also highlighted as an added benefit to cyclists, particularly in the winter months.

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