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Meet The TERRAM Team: Lucy McGrath

14 August 2017

Lucy has just completed her first year at TERRAM. Here she explains more about how she helps deliver great customer service.

Please tell us about your role.

“I am a Customer Service Administrator. I joined TERRAM in June 2016.”

What does your job involve?

“I am responsible for dealing with customer queries via phone and email, raising quotations, and processing orders. I also answer any technical enquiries, and ensure both potential and existing customers are provided with the information they require.”

How do you maintain a great service for the customer?

“I work hard to ensure I get customers the information they require as quickly as possible. We aim to return quotes to customers within a 4-hour period, and process orders within a 24-hour period. This often means liaising with our inventory coordinator, shipping officer and sales team, to ensure we supply customers with accurate prices and lead times for products.”

How do you work together to ensure you’re meeting the customers’ needs?

“I work within the supply chain team, which includes customer service, logistics, purchasing, planning and warehouse. We work together throughout the day to ensure orders have been delivered on time, stock is available to meet the needs of orders, and we provide accurate lead times for customer quotes.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“Talking to different people all day. I really enjoy building a rapport with customers on the phone and being able to provide them with the information they require. I also really love the people I work with; we work really well as a team, and it’s great finishing the day knowing we have worked together to meet our customers’ needs.”

What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

“Although it’s very rare, sometimes deliveries may not go as planned, may arrive late, or get misplaced at a delivery site. It is important we liaise with the haulier, to establish where the problem is, speak with the driver, and gather the relevant documents, to ensure we resolve the issue ASAP. If there are challenges we resolve them – quickly.”

What’s your proudest personal moment and also in terms of the company as a whole?

“Carly (Bownes), our supervisor, has asked me to take responsibility for the team when she is not based in the office. I help with pricing, approve quotations, and offer any assistance/solutions for any problems that occur throughout the day. I am also responsible for one of our key accounts, and am the go-to for all enquiries related to this customer. I feel proud of this, as I have only been with the company for just over a year. I feel extremely trusted.”

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