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Meet The TERRAM Team: Paul Pearce

22 August 2017

Paul has spent five years making sure the ins and outs of our warehouse are well-organised. Here he explains more about his role.

What does your job involve?

“My job involves picking and packing product to be dispatched, preparing loads in advance of lorries arriving, loading the goods onto vehicles – both loose rolls or pallets, booking jobs onto our hauliers’ online system, answering phone calls and emails from internal contacts, stock checks when required, putting stock away that has just been manufactured, keeping the warehouse organised, and liaising with departments across the site.”

Sounds busy. Do you work as part of a team?

“Yes, we are a busy team. I am always talking with customer service, querying things such as ‘does the customer require pegs with their cable covers?’ We keep up a good team spirit within the department and talk to each other with respect – without respect there will not be teamwork. Sometimes hauliers will arrive earlier than their booked time slot so we always try to load them as soon as possible so they can go on their way. We always encourage people to do the tasks that best match their skillset.”

How do you maintain a great service?

“We make sure product goes out the door in the best condition. We will re-wrap product before it is dispatched if we feel it is necessary. I doublecheck the paperwork to confirm when the goods are due to arrive with the customer, rather than assuming which delivery service is required. And I will stay late to load a lorry when needed.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“I love it out here in the warehouse. I feel like we have achieved something at the end of the day/week, as we have shipped everything that was due to be shipped. Often the loading schedule is full and it is a very busy day, but we always complete it.”

And what challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

“On busy days, I quite often work through my lunch to ensure everything is dispatched on time. When unscheduled collections or deliveries arrive, we do our best to accommodate them and not turn them away.”

What do you think TERRAM offers in terms of your business function that is better than anyone else’s?

“TERRAM offer a generous package, including more holidays than I have previously had. We also have regular social events, including a recent boat trip down the River Thames. We’re a great team.”

What’s your proudest moment at TERRAM?

“I’ve really enjoyed helping to train new team members.”

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