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New TERRAM Technical Talk: Guide to Specifying the Right Geotextile

14 January 2021

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We are very happy to introduce you to our newest Technical Talk:

“Guide to Specifying the Right Geotextile”

We want to start 2021 pursuing the excellence and innovation core to TERRAMYour valuable feedback from last year made us aware of the many considerations needed to specify geotextiles correctly.  

Learn all about how to specify the right geotextile for your projects at the hands of our Application Development Manager, Pete Stevens, including:

  • What is a Geotextile? 
  • What does a Geotextile do? 
  • Woven vs Nonwoven 
  • Important Properties 
  • Introduction to UK’s BS8661:2019 Standard for Geotextile Specification 

While 2020 brought many challenges, at TERRAM we worked hard to be there for you, continuing to advance and innovate in the geosynthetics industry. We introduced our new website, developed our improved and unrivalled industry sand blanket replacement, and brought you our Technical seminars in webinar format, to keep on sharing our knowledge with you despite the circumstances. 

Our new Technical Talk “Guide to Specifying the Right Geotextile” is now open for bookings in webinar format worldwide. You can book it here, or find it in our Technical Talks page. 

All TERRAM seminars are free of charge, imparted in your preferred online platform, and can be tailored to your specific requirements. CPD certificates will be provided for all attendees. Book it now.

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