Geocells for Load Platforms

Geocells for Load Platforms

Tree Root Protection / Load Platform Geocell

Using TERRAM GEOCELL for tree root protection ensures the roots beneath are protected from vehicle loads by confining the sub-base and stabilising the ground. 

When the permeable TERRAM GEOCELL is filed with a porous, no fines, free-flowing aggregate the system allows essential passage of air and water providing essential nutrients to the roots. TERRAM GEOCELL is ideal for “No-Dig” situations.

Typical Applications

• Permanent Woodland Trails
• Paths & Cycleways
• Driveways*
• Roads
• Access Routes*
• Parking Areas

*See Arboricultural Advisory and Information Services APN12: Driveways close to trees

TERRAM GEOCELL is supplied as flat packed panels which are opened to form the honeycomb-like structure. These are positioned and pinned to the ground using fixing pins and filled with a suitable, permeable infill. 

TERRAM GEOCELL confines the infill and ensures that downward forces are spread laterally, reducing pressure on the sub-base. Without this cellular system, the surface would become rutted and compacted with the traffic loads, damaging the tree roots and potentially resulting in the death of the tree.

GEOCELL in the Spotlight

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Product Details
GEOCELL 25/105 x 7250 dia x 10017kgPedestrian cycle*
GEOCELL 25/155 x 7250 dia x 15025kgLight vehicles*
GEOCELL 22/206 x 3220 dia x 20020kgOptimum for heavier vehicles or more frequent traffic*
* These are typical profiles only.

In recognition of the fact that trees are sensitive to disturbance, the British Standards Institution has published recommendations on how to protect them during their development. BS 5837:2005 recommends that there should be a root protection area in which development should not be permitted.

In 2007 the Arboricultural Advisory and Information Service published Arboricultural Practice Note 12: Driveways Close to Trees (APN12) which suggested that driveways could be installed within the root protection area subject to roots and the soil not being damaged. APN12 advises that an above-ground, no-dig construction should be used. This advise was incorporated into the recent British Standard which recommended that the most effective means of achieving this was through the use of three-dimensional cellular confinement system, such as a Terram Geocell.

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