TERRAM provide high performance geosynthetic protection systems for a diverse range of civil engineering and building applications including landfills, canals, lakes, lagoons, ponds, reed beds, reservoirs, basements and floor slabs.


Market Sectors


Typical applications include:
• Basal liner protection
• Cap liner protection
• Settlement lagoon liner protection
• Landfill Engineering

Needlepunched Geotextiles are used extensively in landfill construction. The primary application is when used above and below the geomembrane liner as a protection layer preventing damage occurring during stone placement and filling operations.

Terram NP products provide excellent protection to the geomembrane and maintain its integrity by helping minimize environmental stress cracking (ESC) and preventing puncture from the underlying subgrade and from the stone drainage layer placed on top.

Using our laminator, Terram NP products can also be combined with both drainage and lining materials to form specialised geocomposite products designed specifically for your application. Typical materials that can be combined are geonets, geomembranes and band drains; utilising a combination of products means that protection materials can be offered with multiple functions thereby reducing installation times and costs on site.


Grass Mesh / Engineered Turf

Terram provide solutions for protecting grass surfaces from vehicle and other traffic damage while providing a naturally draining reinforced and stabilised grassed surface. These reinforced grass surfaces are suitable for all types of traffic depending on the intensity of use. GRASSPROTECTA grass protection mesh is surface installed and allows the grass to grow through. The grass roots intertwine with the grass roots, protecting the surface from excessive wear and damage. Grass protection products are
suitable for

• Overflow grass car parks
• Grass paths
• Road verges
• Outdoor exhibition grounds
• Helipads and light aircraft taxiways

Grass Mesh / Engineered Turf
Grass Mesh / Engineered Turf

Cable & Pipeline Protection

Terram pipeline and utilities products are used extensively within the civil engineering industry to protect key assets. 

Terram Protectamesh HD is a heavy duty flexible plastic rockshield mesh used in major pipeline projects to protect the steel pipe coating from backfill damage. It is designed to replace traditional methods including sand. The mesh prevents stone in the backfill from abrading and puncturing the pipe's coating which would interrupt the cathodic protection system.

Our cable protection products include plastic cable tiles, impact resistant tapes and plastic meshes that are designed to limit excavation impact damage, thus protecting the pipr or
cable beneath.

Cable & Pipeline Protection
Cable & Pipeline Protection


TERRAM Ground Reinforcement Solutions
TERRAM for Pipeline and Utilities
TERRAM Standard geotextiles
TERRAM Robust geotextiles
Protectamesh HD Rockshield
Protectamesh Rockshield BRS 1
Protectamesh Rockshield BRS2
ProtectaMesh Rockshield BRS3
Protectamesh Rockshield BRS12
Protectamesh Rockshield BRS13
Protectamesh Rockshield BRS20
Safety Rubber Mat
Jointing methods for TERRAM geotextiles
Protectamesh HD Rockshield
Safety Rubber Mat
RG7 - Landfill Basal-cell-liner & side-slope protection/drainage (Beacon Hill LFS)
RG4, RG11 RG-SD19 Protection to Landfill basal & capping liners (Lean Quarry LFS)
RG25 & RG31 Liner protection for a deep landfill cell (Clifton Marsh LFS)
RG3 Landfill capping liner protection (Erin LFS)
RG4 & RG-SD19 Landfill cell side-wall drainage (Bryn Pica LFS)
ROCKSHIELD Gas pipeline protection from collars (Algeria)
ROCKSHIELD Protecing pipeline from backfilling damage (Ireland)